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Here’s a prediction from Big Red chooks, John Henry will win Avatiu, Phillip Nicholas will win Nikao and Father Jim will win Ivirua. Big Norm has a significant point chooks. The reformists aren't in touch with the grassroots.

At least three Aitutaki households have packed their bags and headed off to Kiwiland chooks. If issues do not get a move on, more will observe. A bevy of bikini clad beauties were later spotted paddling across the blue lagoon little question amazed and entranced by the experience. To save on cash government ought to get rid of all vehicles. A government automotive needs to be changed each few years.

Last weekend the man from Tahiti had an MVA accident. The whisper is he crashed into a power pole at 5mph. His car was seen being carted away on the again of a local mechanic’s truck with lights flashing. You know what they are saying about falling off a horse.

The latest, a family group, is eyeing up a shift to NZ within the next day or so. Forty grand for an NGO to charter a aircraft to go north? If no other individual in the non-public sector can do it cheaper then Government ought to drive prices down by beginning up an air line in competitors. Not solely will competitors my response deliver down costs, it's going to pressure all operators to reveal just how excessive they've been keeping costs on the public’s expense. All operators embrace the shipping company that ships the gas north, the gasoline suppliers who supply the plane gas and the government itself who impose levies.

How quickly can the Director of Audit acquire his Chartered Accountancy qualification? The former head Shodown, accomplished his Chartered Accountancy qualification whereas on the job through the Australian Institute! And barking of the Aussie who heads our tourism corp, she was noticed the opposite day at a neighborhood eatery entertaining a visitor from an abroad government. Nothing incorrect with that but why was the canine there? Perhaps he was talking to the overseas visitor. How is it we have no official kennel for our top canine the Prime Minister?

Yes lets bend over backwards for the sharks! What has that to do with sharks? That has nothing to do with sharks! What has that to do with the shark? Hey, that has nothing to do with sharks!

When the following World War comes chooks with its “A bombs” where to go? Get to Egypt and go down those deep tunnels under the Pyramids and different underground tombs. Head of Audit flew north with the PM to Manihiki and in flight took off his trousers due to the heat donning a pair of shorts. Trouble is on landing at Manihiki he walked off leaving his neatly folded trousers to fly again to Raro. The bare kneed Head of Audit made do with borrowed longs for the remainder of his stay.

If not, then do away with the trap. It’s a man-made merchandise not a naturally occurring structure so dismantle it and possibly the tidal flow will improve. Bob Sell (QSM-not queer sado-masochist) of Kii Kii at 93 not out reckons he’s the oldest surviving WWII veteran. He also sailed in convoys to Russia and the Mediterranean and while many ships round his have been sunk by U Boats his survived.

So the tight 5 have now become the flakey five? Nothing mistaken chooks with flaky pastry! What about calling them the loosies?

MP more than likely to not declare he is standing-Vavia. Most active MP, working, passing, leaping, diving, falling,-Wilkie Rasmussen. MP more than likely to be elsewhere eg Court-Big Norm. Big Red has been alerted that the previous skipper of our well-known group “SOE” was seen back on the rock the other day. Unfortunately he missed the mini-games and could have been chosen on the team but anyway he doesn’t qualify. Just questioning whether or not he is right here to get his old job back as it hasn’t been crammed since he left despite two attempts to find someone.

Chooks, did you see the SPREP programme concerning the Mangaia harbour on TV this try this week? Over $2 million of tax payer dosh spent and the nice residents of the oldest island in the Pacific find yourself with a harbour lower than perfect! The movie footage was clearly embarrassing as were the TV interviews!

Word is out that Epati is being shunted sideways into the Cabinet Secretary’s job and former Justice lengthy timer Terry Visit Website Hagan is being eyed up for the PSC job. In the previous Terry was seen as a perfect PSC to whip public servants into line. If additional hints Hagan doesn't take up the job, it seems Isamaela may look at here be a good stand by to come back in off the bench. As Cabinet Secretary, Epati would attend all conferences of the Cabinet.